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Conversion Process

The ACBSP Board of Commissioners has established a process for recognizing programs that are accredited by other business accrediting associations

Institutions whose business programs are accredited and in good standing with other business accrediting associations may transfer their accreditation to the ACBSP. An institution seeking transfer of its business accreditation to the ACBSP must:

1.Submit its most recent letter of affirmation from its regional accrediting association.

2.Submit its most recent business accreditation self-study to the ACBSP. All appendices and follow-up materials must be included.

3.Submit its most recent business accreditation letter from other business accrediting associations, along with any response letters from the institution. All interim reports must also be submitted.

If the institution and its business program are in good standing with the institution’s regional accrediting body and the business accrediting body, then the Board of Commissioners will use the self-study and accreditation materials to determine the accreditation status of the institution. The Board of Commissioners will also determine the length of accreditation granted by the ACBSP.

The ACBSP is committed to synchronization of regional and ACBSP accreditation; thus, the time period for accreditation determined by the Board of Commissioners will have synchronization of future site visits as a guiding objective.


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