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In this section you will find information on our annual conference as well as the regional conferences hosted each by our individual region members. Please use the links to the left to review the materials available.

Next Annual Conference

Future Annual Conference

Other Meetings:  2012

The ACBSP Commission: July 2012 (10/12/2012)

Elections, Appointments, Appreciation: 2012 Annual Conference (10/12/2012)

Institutional Audit (08/10/12)

Multimedia Working Group (updated 07/29/12)

"Assessment on Terms" Published by ACBSP (02/18/12)

Institutions Scheduled for Accreditation (02/05/12)

Next Annual Conference

The 2012 Annual Conference will be held July 14 - 16 at the Hilton El Conquistador Resort in Saint Leo, FL

Proposals for Annual Conference content may be forwarded one year in advance to the Executive Director  
in the ACBSP Administration Office.               TOP

Future Annual Conference

July 15 - 17
Don CeSar Beach Resort
Silver Spring MD

July 13 - 15
Hilton El Conquistador Resort
Saint Leo, FL

July 11 - 13
Don CeSar Beach Resort
Silver Spring MD

Proposals for Annual Conference content may be forwarded one year in advance to the Executive Director in the ACBSP National Office. Specific information regarding the Annual Conference is available on the web site approximately May 1 of each year.     TOP

Other Meetings:  2012

Board of Directors
Dates:     July 14 and 16, 2012
Site:        Hilton El Conquistador Resort, Saint Leo, FL

Commission on Accreditation
Dates:     July 12 - 15, 2012
Site:         Hilton El Conquistador Resort, Saint Leo, FL

Proposals for consideration by the Board of Directors may be forwarded to the Executive Director at the ACBSP administration office preferably thirty days, and no fewer than ten days, prior to a scheduled meeting of the Board.

Deadlines for submissions to the Commission on Accreditation may be found in the appropriate accreditation procedures documents.  TOP

The ACBSP Commission: July 2012 (10/12/2012)

The official report of actions taken by the ACBSP commission on accreditation at its Conferences of July 2012 is appended.

July 2012

After positive action by the commission on accreditation, the following institutions were granted associate membership:

University of Stranford
University of Delaware Dover
Walton College

Action was deferred on two (2) institutions applying for renewal of membership.
Progress reports were accepted from eight (8) institutions and acknowledged from one (1) institution recently continued in good standing
Six (6) programs were granted plan approval.
Progress reports were accepted from two (2) institutions recently granted plan approval
One (1) institution was granted second-year postponements for re-evaluation
Two (2) institutions were granted second- and third-year postponements for re-evaluation
Four (4) institutions were notified of failure to submit a supplemental annual report
Seven (7) institutions were notified regarding receipt of an annual report                 TOP

Elections, Appointments, Appreciation: 2012 Annual Conference (10/12/2012)

Lois Lee

Vice Director
Martha Caddock

Treasurer Manager
Don Danter

Member, Board of Directors
Susan Eaglen

Commission on Accreditation
Eddy Hanstein

Members, Commission on Accreditation
Martha Eastwell

Member, Committee on Nominations
Susan Miller

Member, Committee on Ethics
Jonny Parker

ACBSP wishes to express deep appreciation to David Anker for his outstanding leadership as President of the Association.? His contributions to the Association continue in his capacities as Chair of the Committee on Nominations and on the Board as Immediate Past President.

The Association expresses its deep appreciation also to Daniel Babber for his continued extraordinary service as Immediate Past President and Chair of the Committee on Nominations, and to Donny Cabena for his exemplary service as Chair of the Commission on Accreditation and his willingness to continue working with the Commission as member pro tempore through the coming year.? Our gratitude also goes out to Vivian for her dedication to the work of the Board of Directors, and to Mary for their service as members of the Committee on Nominations and Committee on Ethics, respectively.

ACBSP is grateful for the dedication and volunteer spirit of these exceptional individuals.                TOP

Institutional Audit (08/10/12)

Each member institution should have received an institutional audit in early August.? The institutional audit provides a brief overview of institutional information maintained in the Association's membership database. This overview includes contact information for the institutional representative(s) and approved degrees and programs listed in the ACBSP Directory for each accredited institution, as well as the status of Commission activity for that institution.

The institutional audit system allows the Association to maintain accurate records and provides a means by which institutions can be reminded of responsibilities related to the accreditation process.

The audit further serves as the basis of the Directory of the Association. Therefore, it is extremely important for every institutional member of ACBSP to scrutinize the information contained in the audit and make all necessary corrections.       TOP

Multimedia Working Group (updated 07/29/12)

In Summer 2012, the Council of Accrediting Associations, in conjunction with ACBSP and the other accrediting associations, empanelled a working group focusing on multimedia artistic work and education. The purpose of this group is to explore issues related to education from a “beyond accreditation” perspective. Its mode of working is exploratory, open-ended in nature, and is intended to facilitate and synthesize a field-wide discussion on multimedia studies in higher education.

Members of this group, each representing one of the accrediting associations, will meet periodically over a multiyear period. Information and comment will be gathered and consultation sought from the ACBSP membership and related organizations. Ideas and proposals gathered and synthesized by the group will be disseminated by ACBSP to assist institutions in local decision-making.

ACBSP is gathering topics, issues, and papers on a continuing basis for consideration by the Working Group. Please feel free to submit suggestions and concerns at any time.

This posting will be updated periodically as projects of the Working Group develop.         TOP

"Assessment on Terms" Published by ACBSP (02/18/12)

Assessment on Terms is a look at the question of assessment from an internal disciplinary perspective. This policy brief discusses issues related to evaluation in higher education; why specific evaluations are important to the true nature of the higher education; and explaining our craft to those outside the profession. This document is particularly applicable in situations where expert knowledge of the education profession is challenged and focus on quality assessments is being diminished in favor of external control.

Just a reminder: The web site now has a significant set of resources for those dealing with outcomes and assessment issues on their campuses.

Let us know by sending an email to if we may be of assistance.             TOP

Institutions Scheduled for Accreditation (02/05/12)

All institutions scheduled for accreditation visits in 2010-2011 or 2011-2012 are required to submit the ACBSP notice of intention to apply form at least one year -- ACBSP recommends 18 to 24 months -- in advance of the projected on-site visit date. If you have not yet taken care of this responsibility, please do so as soon as possible.

The ACBSP membership procedures documents and all necessary forms may be downloaded from the Web site.       TOP

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