ACBSP provides many member benefits

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ACBSP provides many member benefits


Specialized accreditation provides external accountability for the quality of business programs. The demand of the public for accountability in higher education is increasing rapidly

Evidence of Quality

Through its accreditation process, the ACBSP provides external quality assurance in an institution’s business programs, and ensures that the characteristics of excellence are reflected in the academic business unit. The business curriculum and co-curricular experiences provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in business and industry.  The needs of both graduates and their employers are entitled to this quality assurance.

Enhanced Reputation

Only 288 of about 1,400 U.S. colleges and universities offering bachelor’s or master’s degrees in business had their programs accredited in 1988.  Today, more than half do; in a decade, it is expected over 90 percent of these programs will have specialized accreditation. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to an institution’s reputation to obtain accredited status for its business programs.

Continuous Improvement

Change is constant, either for the better or the worse. Continuous improvement is proactive—it faces a changing environment and helps prevent slippage in the quality of business education.  Continuous improvement is an integral part of the ACBSP’s accreditation process.

Best Practices

The ACBSP supports and promotes best practices in business education. The ACBSP provides their curriculum conferences and seminars for professional development of its membership and to disclose them to best practices in business education.

International Perspectives

The ACBSP accredits business programs in colleges and universities around the world.  Institutions  with quality business programs are encouraged to obtain professional accreditation, which makes them the opportunity to partner and have student and teacher exchanges with ACBSP member institutions.  The ACBSP’s mission-driven, results-oriented approach to accreditation allows it to meet the distinctive characteristics of international educational institutions

Listing Member

Listing on the ACBSP website includes a link to your website.  On the member only site, a corporate profile is included with contact information for each of individual members.

Annual Conference

Members participate in the ACBSP Annual Conference as an exhibitor, sponsor, or attendee and are provided the member discount.  Information about past, current, and future conferences in included on the website.  We promote the conference in our e-mail marketing campaign and publications. 


Members may announce new products, promote current products, or make important announcements using advertising by sponsorship of an entire issue of ACBSP update.

Targeted E-mail to Membership

Each year your message about new products or services can be sent to the entire membership or a selected number of members.  Image the possibilities, these are sent from our office with messages and content you design.

Membership Directory

The Directory contains information about our member institutions, corporate members, and individuals at any of our member institutions.  Each member institution has a profile and each individual member has a profile in the Directory.  You have the ability to search the directory to find the person you are seeking or go to the institution profile for this information.

Listing on Vita

Individual may list on their vita or biographical information “Academy of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs Member”.  Companies may include this in printed literature or one website

There is no formal application, only the completion of a member enrollment form submitted with the appropriate dues amount.  An invoice can be sent upon request.  Use the contact form below or e-mail your materials for confidential review and tell us which membership you are petitioning for.  We will simply review your credentials, and application for membership request. Download
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