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Excellence Award

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Research Excellence Award

Click here to download a Research Excellence Award Nomination Form

(Awards for Outstanding Research/Creativity)

Purpose of Program: The purpose of these awards is to recognize nominees at the time of their outstanding research accomplishments as documented in their theses and dissertations. These nominees are also expected to be academically superior and able to not only do research, but develop a well-written product. The intent of this program is to recognize up to 10% of nominees who have submitted research theses and dissertations. Those programs noted with special request are asked to submit, via email to us, a justification for your nomination. The Research Excellence Program is administered by the Board of institution. Awards are offered each year.

Description: The Award for Excellence Research was established to recognize outstanding research in the field of education.

Criteria: This award is given to a distinguished paper that advances the field of outcomes research and is expected to have a substantial impact on the field with anticipated wide acceptance and application by others. The recipient is selected by the Excellence Awards Committee from nominated publications that have appeared in print or e-pub in peer-review journals during the preceding calendar year and other communication venues (e.g. books, reports). Self-nominations are encouraged and accepted for consideration.

Selection Process: A call for nominations is placed in November-December for articles published during the past twelve months to be considered for the Award for Excellence in Research.  In addition, each Research Excellence Awards Committee member selects relevant publications in respected peer-reviewed journals during the preceding twelve months to be considered by the Excellence Awards Committee in the selection process.  The Excellence Awards Committee meets via teleconference in February to discuss each of the nominated publications.  They select the best demonstration of scientific excellence for that time period.  The nominee is then forwarded to the Board of Directors for final approval.  The corresponding author on the publication is given the award.

Nominations for the Award for Excellence in Research should be accompanied by an electronic version of the nominated paper and a letter of support that illustrates the positive attributes of the paper, and sent to us. Only ACBSP members may submit nominations (either their own publications or others).

Student Excellence Awards

Click here to download a Student Excellence Award Nomination Form

The purpose of this award is to assist students further their study and prepare them for a career in a related field. Awards will be provided to students with high academic achievements who can clearly demonstrate how the award will contribute to their knowledge and how this knowledge will contribute to their long-term career goals. Eligible disciplines include culture, history, religion, arts, social and economic development and the human dimension of science and technology.

Application Requirements:

A completed application form

One copy of official transcripts of all post-secondary studies in a sealed envelope

Two letters of reference, at least one reference must be from an academic instructor. Please provide the referee guidelines to your references.

One electronic copy of the application form and the resume must be sent to us

Evaluation Criteria:

An adjudicating committee will review the applications and determine the successful applications based upon the following marking system:

Academic excellence

Does the applicant clearly demonstrate that they work hard and take their studies seriously?

Relevance of program of study

Does the applicantíŽs area of study have clear relevance to their objective?

Does the applicant clearly demonstrate that they will further their study and a career related to the study?

Report Form:

Recipients are to submit a report describing how their studies, research, or overall experience has increased their knowledge and expertise and assisted in their career and/or personal growth.

Teacher of the Year

Click here to download a Teacher of the Year Excellence Award Nomination Form

The Awards for Teacher of the Year are open to anyone who is currently employed or who was during the prior school year in a school or school board/school authority.


íP         demonstrates a contagious enthusiasm for learning

íP         makes an exceptional contribution to the school community

íP         inspires students to take on new challenges and reach their full potential

íP         creates innovative and challenging opportunities that help students learn

íP         connects ideas to student interests and to their lives beyond the classroom

íP         creates a supportive learning environment

íP         uses different teaching methods to match student learning styles

íP         demonstrates a thorough command of subject and curriculum

íP         is committed to their own professional development and to teaching excellence

íP         is a role model for other teachers

There are many ways to be an outstanding teacher, and as many reasons to nominate someone for an Award. For example, you might nominate a teacher who uses really innovative teaching methods. A teacher who thinks outside the box and advances new approaches to teaching and learning.


íP         Anyone who is employed by a school or board/authority is eligible. You can nominate teachers, support staff, principals and vice-principals, supervisory officers, and directors of education.

íP         supports struggling students. Someone who helps discouraged students to get back in the game and motivates them to aim high.

íP         builds strong relationships with parents and the community to help students learn.

íP         inspires passion for the environment. Someone who builds students' environmental knowledge, skills and perspectives; motivates them to action; and helps them become environmentally responsible citizens.

íP         encourages students to explore new possibilities, take risks, and solve problems in a creative way.

íP         helps students with special needs to succeed in school and in life.

íP         uses really innovative teaching methods. Someone who thinks outside the box and advances new approaches to teaching and learning.

íP         makes a difference. Someone who leads a project that transforms a school or board.

íP         helps students connect to the world of work while they're still in school. Someone who partners with the community to find opportunities íV opportunities that expand students' experiences into the world outside the school.

íP         supports students who face difficult challenges. Someone who helps students build confidence and overcome life's obstacles.

íP         is outstanding at improving students' reading, writing, and communication skills. Someone who inspires students to read and to love reading; to write and to love writing; and to communicate with more than just words.

íP         helps students develop their cultural identity and encourages them to take pride in their heritage.

íP         inspires students to be good citizens. Someone who encourages students to think both locally and globally and teaches them the importance of strong values.

íP         improves community life by linking students, parents and the community toward a common goal.

íP         is an outstanding mentor to other educators and staff. Someone who leads by example, builds on success, and inspires others to overcome challenges.

íP         transforms students' lives. Someone who makes a profound and positive impact on students' intellectual, social and emotional development.

You might have your own reasons for nominating someone. Share your stories of how that special teacher made learning come to life, that support staff member helped students overcome obstacles, or how that school or board leader rallied a community to make a difference in the lives of their students.

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