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The ACBSP is committed to reliable, public disclosure of information on accreditation. The following information may help to assess:

Program Accreditation

Program evaluation and review provided by the ACBSP, looks specifically and comprehensively at specific programs of a college or university.  Certification can be programmed in many different disciplines.  The ACBSP provides a process by which colleges and universities can earn accreditation for their business programs.

The ACBSP has a comprehensive set of accreditation principles that examine a college or university’s business programs.  The eight main areas included in this examination are:

Outcomes Assessment
Strategic Planning
Scholarly and Professional Activity
Internal and External Relations
Educational Innovation

For a business program to become accredited, it must first become a candidate for accreditation.  It must then produce a self-study that covers each of the ACBSP’s accreditation principles.  A team of highly-trained site evaluators then visits the institution and produces a report detailing compliance with the ACBSP’s accreditation principles.  The self-study, site visit report, and the institution’s response are reviewed by the ACBSP Board of Commissioners.  For the Commissioners to grant accreditation, the business programs must be in substantial compliance with all of the ACBSP’s accreditation principles.  The Commissioners also note areas of required improvement, which are called “Notes.”  Programs are required to address the notes and report annually on progress.

To be accredited, therefore, means that an institution’s business programs have made a commitment to excellence in business education, have been reviewed by external evaluators, and have met the ACBSP’s accreditation principles.

Student Degree Accreditation

ACBSP certification helps to ensure the quality of student business degree. ACBSP-accredited institutions recognized through a rigorous self-evaluation and on-site evaluation by well-trained reviewers. They have shown an outstanding commitment in business education and are involved in a continuous quality improvement process based on the assessment of student learning outcomes.

Other Countries Degree Recognized

.One of the reasons to obtain a business degree from an accredited program is to help ensure that your degree will be accepted by other institutions. ACBSP-accredited institutions typically accept business degrees from other ACBSP-accredited institutions.

Acceptance of Transfer Credits

Generally speaking, business program accreditation by the ACBSP increases the likelihood that an institution will accept business courses you have taken in an ACBSP-accredited program.  However, the acceptance of transfer credits is within the purview of each institution.

Corporate Member/Institutional Member/Accredited Member

Corporate Members are individuals or organizations who support the mission and goals of the ACBSP. Corporate members are not accredited or eligible for accreditation while corporate members

An Institutional Member is a college or university whose business programs meet the requirements to be an institutional member of the ACBSP, but which has not been accepted as a candidate for accreditation.  An institutional member’s business programs have not yet had a site visit, and therefore the only comments that the ACBSP can make about an institutional member’s business programs is that they have indicated a commitment to excellence in business education and to pursuing ACBSP accreditation.

A Candidate for Accreditation is an institution whose business programs have been accepted into candidacy status by the ACBSP Board of Commissioners and, therefore, are actively pursuing program accreditation by the ACBSP.  The candidacy process may take up to five years.  The business programs of a Candidate for Accreditation are not accredited.  Therefore, the only statements concerning the quality of the institution’s business programs that can be made by the ACBSP is that they have indicated a commitment to excellence in business education and are actively pursuing ACBSP accreditation.

An Accredited Member is a college or university whose business programs meet the accreditation principles of the ACBSP.  To learn what it means to be accredited by the ACBSP. click here

.Application Procedure for Members

There is no formal application, only the completion of a member enrollment form submitted with the appropriate dues amount.  A member enrollment form may be included as part of packet.

How long does it take to become accredited

The length of time that it takes to become accredited depends on the institution.  In exceptional situations, the process might be completed in as little as one year.  Once a program becomes a candidate for accreditation, it has up to five years to complete a self-study and have a site visit.  Most programs take 2-4 years to complete the process of earning first-time accreditation from the ACBSP.

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